I work on the internet for a living and if there is one thing that makes me want to go stick my head in a bee hive its a slow computer. If my computer slows down or can’t keep an internet connection I have a serious problem. If you own a Windows machine you will run into this slowdown sooner or later. Throughout all my travels on the internet I have found the best Anti-virus, the best system cleaner, and how to tweak them to the best possible settings for maximum efficiency.

Avast Matey!

Out of all the antivirus programs that are available for free, AVAST is the best. Best track record when it comes to all aspects of the antivirus world. Constant updates ensure you will have the latest protection and the largest number of users keeps you immunized from day zero threats. Get rid of McAfee or Norton as soon as you read this and install Avast. You will need to register the software every year but don’t worry, Avast will let you know when that time comes.

Avast ChoicesNow I need to let you know that Avast has a free version but also a couple paid versions. You want the free version so pay attention to what you click when you install it. Don’t let Dropbox tag along on your install. I have seen it on some installs but not lately. If you see a Dropbox anywhere on the Avast install uncheck the box before proceeding.

You will see screens like this when its time to register again. Make sure you choose the free version. The paid version has some useful features but the free is all you need.

Once you are all setup with Avast you can make some adjustments to the settings to get the most out of it. Open Avast by clicking the spinning avast-9.

This will open the Avast user interface. Click Scan. Click on Scan For Viruses. You will see a drop down box that has Quick Scan, Full System Scan, and the most important Boot-time Scan. When you select any of these a blue Settings link appears underneath. The best antivirus in the world is Avast because of this one option. Viruses and malware can’t hide from a boot-time scan. Click the settings for Boot-time scan and set the heuristics sensitivity to high by clicking on the grayed out bar. Make sure the boxes are checked. Set the software to “Fix Automatically.” Your settings should look like this: avast boot time scan settings

Click OK.

Now click Start to schedule a boot-time scan the next time you restart your computer.  Restart your computer when prompted. You will see a black screen and how long the scan takes depends on the size of your hard drive and processor power. Most scans take anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours. This is where the viruses and malware die. Good job!

After your Boot-time scan is complete your computer will start like normal. You will notice Avast notifications in the bottom right corner of your screen. From time to time they will ask you to upgrade or buy a VPN. You can ignore the up sells by clicking the “X” to close the box. Do update the software version of Avast but don’t upgrade to the paid version by mistake. You will get notifications in red when Avast blocks malware, a virus, or doesn’t like what you are doing on the web. Nothing for you to do on these. Avast has protected you!

You should be fully protected if you followed the steps so we can be done talking about Avast.

EUSING Cleaner

The best registry cleaner is free and is a necessary tool in your quest to speed up your machine. Follow the below link and select download site 1. Install the cleaner. Leave all boxes. Don’t check anything unless you feel comfortable doing so. Click Scan. Click fix errors when the scan is done. You will notice a speed difference by now.

Get EUSING Cleaner

Manage Startup Programs

On Windows you can hit the start button and type in “Task Manager” in the App search box. You can also be a pro and hold down “Ctrl” “Alt” and “Delete.” Click the startup tab. Look for anything with a high startup impact. If you are unsure of any of this just contact myself or any internet professional nerd type. People are out there wanting to help. When in doubt do nothing but get online and do a Google search to see if you should disable a startup program.

Keep Windows Updated

When you see a notice when you log in to Windows that your computer needs to restart to update. Do it. This is patches and fixes for your computer! Let Microsoft do their job.