Secure Like Fort Knoxx

web securityThese days everyone knows someone who’s been hacked. Personal information becomes public knowledge. Its a scary world. Luckily you just made a friend that is actively involved in cutting edge web security.

We monitor your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure this does not happen to you or your users. We ban the IP’s of would be attackers and send a nice letter to their internet service provider asking for their account(s) to be shut down.

Login and lost password security doesn’t even give hackers a chance. We block the I.P. address after three tries.

We also scan your site for any file changes in the unlikely event that someone gains access. If this does happen we will throw the site in lock down and restore the files.

Our website security provides:

  • Crawler Throttling/Blocking
  • IP Address Banning
  • Country Blocking
  • Log In Protection (Set number of tries)
  • Lost Password Protection (Set number of tries)
  • Site Scans
  • Live Traffic View
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • Direct Denial of Service Prevention (DDOS)
  • And a host of other measures we’d rather not say here.

This is a free service we provide because its necessary.

Active Scanning

Don't be a victim

Perfect For Catching Hackers

No matter the type of attempt, we have a plan to defeat it.

Keep Users Safe

The little green lock is your best friend for online stores

Get an SSL

We can help you get a great deal on a trusted secure socket layer certificate. That’s the green lock that denotes encryption.

Country Blocking

Block an entire country!

Say Goodbye to Russian Users

When in doubt, lock ’em all out. Block Russia with one click.

What Client’s Say

Absolutely awesome how I can see people on my site in real time. Well done!
Derrick Trent, SoCal Wood & Glass
Its nice to know I can sleep easy without worrying about a hacker 🙂
Cary Moore, Lil Sambos
Thank you very much! Your security program stops many attempts to enter our site. This is an invaluable service!!!
John Zhen, Momiji Express